Software Development

Small Business with Experience Far Beyond our Size

We developed and continue to support the Department of Defense’s Program of Record for Knowledge Management/Lessons Learned. This system is deployed on three different security-classification networks and crosses every Combatant Command with many different levels of security authorization within each of those organizations. We have developed significant expertise designing and managing these complex relationships within JLLIS. As a result of this experience, we possess expertise developing and maintaining IT systems of a complexity uncommon for a business of our size. We have applied this expertise to successfully deliver custom software solutions to the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, DOI, DOJ, the Defense Intelligence Agency, as well as commercial clients.

Innovative Organizational Structure

The majority of STS personnel operate from a telecommuting/virtual work environment, with the remaining operating from customer sites. With this mix, we are not constrained by geographic location in the selection of the highest qualified individuals to serve our customers.  STS has developed internal technology and processes to securely, efficiently and economically develop software and manage workflow -  and we pass our cost savings onto our customers.

Requirements Development

We create requirements documents of sufficient quality, clarity and detail to permit prospective vendors to understand the requirement, submit a competitive bid, and build the system to specification upon award.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in developing custom applications that provide solutions unavailable in Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software. We meet our clients’ needs at every stage in the software development process, from requirements development to help desk support.

Mobile Applications

We develop custom mobile applications for Federal Government clients and deploy them to the Apple and Google Play stores.

Cybersecurity and ATO Support

STS team members have expertise in leading information security and cybersecurity activities, up to and including ATO support. Our data-centric focus ensures none of our systems sacrifice accessibility or performance for a compliant security posture.

Geographic Information Systems

Our team of GIS experts has extensive experience developing advanced geospatial functionality for Federal Government and commercial software applications deployed and utilized around the globe.

Knowledge Management

Our innovations define the current state of DoD knowledge management. We developed and currently support Programs of Record for Knowledge Management utilized throughout the DoD and Defense Intelligence Agency.