ColdFusion & SQL Server

We are industry leaders in ColdFusion and have been utilizing the language since its birth – our developers’ experience dates back to the first release of the language in 1995.  We are experts at developing custom ColdFusion applications, upgrading ColdFusion codebases across different versions of ColdFusion Server, porting ColdFusion applications to other languages/platforms, and integrating existing ColdFusion functionality with non-ColdFusion systems. Our programmers also possess a wealth of experience implementing ColdFusion solutions for previous employers in the healthcare, finance, talent management, auto trade, and travel industries. 

We are industry leaders in ColdFusion because:

  • Our developers have an average of 10.7 years of ColdFusion experience
  • Every Nsite developer has at least 5 years of ColdFusion experience
  • Collectively, we have presented at 40+ ColdFusion events/seminars around the world
  • Our staff has 15+ years of experience as Adobe ColdFusion User Group Administrators

We apply our ColdFusion expertise to streamline application development and deliver high quality, cost-effective software development solutions to our clients. We are experts at leveraging the wealth of features integrated into the ColdFusion server engine to reduce potential points of error and significantly improve the speed of application development and testing. We employ efficient tag-based coding practices to streamline development, but also have expertise creating more robust components and processes by directly harnessing ColdFusion’s underlying Java functionality.

SQL Server and Oracle are core competencies and behind nearly every ColdFusion application we develop. We successfully migrated an online Oracle database to SQL Server as part of a contract to enhance the U.S. Forest Service’s Recreation Information Database. We also maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database for the Joint Lessons Learned Information System (JLLIS), the Program of Record for knowledge management and lessons learned utilized across the Department of Defense.