Windchill Services

Product Lifecycle Management
FRACAS - Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System

STS focuses on implementing Windchill solutions to meet strict customer requirements and reduce stress associated with changing business applications. Our services include Windchill installation & configuration, remote file server configuration, cluster configuration and rehosting. STS can fine tune the Windchill environment for optimal performance based on the customer’s infrastructure and resources.

RM&A - Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability
CAD - Computer Aided Design
IoT - Internet of Things
Data Hosting

STS provides Windchill data hosting for small businesses that don’t have the IT infrastructure or support to manage product lifecycle management locally.

Training Development & Delivery

STS works with the customer in the development of custom training materials based on the customer’s Windchill configuration providing a more effective training experience for users and administrators. STS offers multiple options on how training can be delivered to best fit each customer.

PTC Support Services

STS provides onsite and remote support for most PTC products. STS utilizes an online customer service application named Zendesk to track customer questions and resolutions. This online database is always available for new calls or to search for resolutions to previous calls.